°Circles — The End of Linearity

Michael Friedmann
3 min readJul 20, 2021

Prolog, Update November 29 2021

The idea of writing a book about the cycle of life, the cycles in nature and also inspiring examples of thinking and doing business in cycles has been dormant in me for some time: With °Circles — The End of Linearity, this project is now taking on more and more shape and is initially becoming more concrete in the form of blog posts.

Photo: Brian McMahon

But what does °Circles want?

°Circles shows the complexity of the circular economy in Austria, with its characteristics, facets and influences.
°Circles shows where we are now — in terms of dealing with the political and legal framework, the social and cultural requirements and the technological and economic possibilities.
°Circles shows what has been achieved so far and what can be achieved in the future.
° Circles shows people who are already working and living in a sustainable future today.

Photo: Colin Watts

Selected examples from the areas of food and agriculture, energy, fashion & lifestyle, construction and living, industry, transport, municipal services, finance and culture are taken up and conveyed in a very personal and human way. °Circles wants to inspire people and arouse the desire to work, to do business and to live sustainably.

It’s not about size and huge dimensions, but about holistic approaches and the joy of experimenting. And of course also about the impact that can be achieved on both a small and large scale.

And then it’s also about where the ideas for these sustainable projects come from and how they can be implemented. °Circles makes it clear where a strong connection to nature nourishes and allows a new eco-system to grow.

Photo: Johny Goerend

°Circles would like to convey fact-based and trace the narrative of a sustainable future, in balance with the resources available to us.

The content arc spans …

  • Industry overview with a focus on sustainability
  • Industry overview with a focus on sustainability
  • Interview with the responsible Sustainabilitators and Impactionists
  • Description of the company
  • Subject or project description with key facts and infographics
  • Connections in the respective value-added network, to partner companies and to NPOs
  • Assessment of possible scale effects
  • Outlook on further areas of potential
  • Opportunities for networking and co-creation
Photo: Levi Xu

The following sustainable ventures, companies and projects are already presented in °Circles:

Augusta Buntmetalle — non-ferrous metal and plastics recycling
Manue Delago Recycling Tour — a band on a bike tour through Austria
Andi Breuss — sustainable buildings with clay and wood
Robert Paget — energy self-sufficient and localizable cheese dairy
Montreet — sustainable sports fashion
Gösser — energy self-sufficient brewery
RHI Magnesita — recycling innovation for regractories
BRüSLi — muesli from bread
Sonnentor — organic tea and spices
Supaso — sustainable packaging solutions
Lenzing — natural fibers from wood

I am sure that many more ventures and projects will follow in the next few months and I am looking forward to countless exciting and instructive encounters and to everything that can be shared and disseminated through °Circles and thus enable new connections and resonance!

Which companies and initiatives come into your mind when you think of °Circles?

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