The Cycling Musician

The Tour Map (Source: Manu Delago ReCycling Tour 2021)
Band and crew with bicycle trailers including integrated PV modules and batteries (Photo: Wolfgang Reithofer)
The tour entourage in the Wachau Valley (Photo: Wolfgang Reithofer)
Minimalistic but effective light show (Photo: Simon Reithofer)
The cyclists crossing the Danube River (Photo: Wolfgang Reithofer)
Calculated savings of the ReCycling Tour 2021 (Source: ICT Institute for Clean Technology)
Manu Delago in the Stadtsaal in Vienna (Foto: Simon Reithofer)

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Michael Friedmann

Michael Friedmann


Born 1968 in Graz. Master degree in chemical engineering. Founder of the Institute for Clean Technology. Loving my wife, my 2 kids and our planet!